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Hi! My name is Caroline and I'm a journalist based in Los Angeles, CA. I'm currently a reporting fellow for the Los Angeles Times.

I've previously worked for Politico, the Tampa Bay Times and the Dallas Morning News. I graduated in December from Duke University, where I covered North Carolina politics and local news for The 9th Street Journal and INDY Week. 

I'm a member of NLGJA and have experience in breaking news, beat reporting and opinion writing. Explore my portfolio to see my work! 

Recent Articles

Casar leads thirst strike to protest Texas law banning mandatory water breaks

WASHINGTON — Roendy Granillo was installing floorboards in a Melissa home that had no air conditioning when he began to feel sick. It was 97 degrees that day, but his boss refused to let him take a break and hydrate, his family says.

He kept working until he collapsed. Hours later, he died of heat stroke. He was 25.

“His organs were cooked from the inside,” his sister Jasmine Granillo, said Tuesday at the U.S. Capitol, as Rep. Greg Casar, an Austin Democrat, began a one-day “thirst strike” to

Could Trump win the presidency from prison?

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump meets the constitutional requirements to become president — he’s a natural-born U.S. citizen over age 35 who’s been living in the country for at least 14 years.

Legally, his multiple indictments, including federal charges related to classified documents that could lead to prison time, wouldn’t stop him.

Trump could run for president from behind bars, and it’s been done before.

Eugene V. Debs made his fifth run for president as the Socialist Party nominee in 1920 whil

New Jersey aims to be a safe haven for abortion. Crisis pregnancy centers stand in the way, leaders say

The Murphy administration is trying to crack down on these clinics as the governor seeks to make New Jersey a safe haven for women in the post-Roe era, but similar plans have had mixed results in other Democratic-controlled states such as California and Connecticut.

Although crisis pregnancy centers exist in many red states with strict abortion laws, blue states like New Jersey make a logical choice for the centers to establish a strong presence. They often outnumber abortion clinics in progres

Phil Murphy finds unlikely allies over corporate taxes. But they say he needs to do more now

Murphy confirmed in his budget proposal his plan to let a 2.5% CBT surcharge on net profits above $1 million expire at the end of 2023. The surcharge’s expiration will bring the state’s tax rate down to 9%, making it the fourth highest in the country behind Alaska, Illinois and Minnesota.

“We hear from the business community that allowing this surcharge to lapse will mean more money for them to create jobs, to invest in new and more efficient equipment, to lower costs to consumers, and to be ab

Judicial vacancies trigger suspension of trials in some parts of New Jersey

It’s impossible to predict how many trials these suspensions will affect, said Pete McAleer, a spokesperson for the Administrative Office of the Courts. While many trials will face indefinite delays, the courts will still address applications for child support, custody and visitation, McAleer said.

There are currently 69 vacancies throughout the trial courts, Rabner said, more than one out of every six positions statewide. The court system has operated with an average of more than 50 vacancies

A Tampa Bay retirement community’s unwelcome guest: wild, destructive hogs

When Pete Pullen stumbled across three baby wild hogs on a patch of land near his home, he knew he had to back away immediately. The piglets were harmless, but he was sure their mother was nearby.

“If you get between a mother and her babies, you get attacked,” Pullen, 77, said. “And I can’t run as fast as I used to.”

Pullen was used to seeing wild hogs outside his home in Sun City Center, an expansive retirement community in Hillsborough County covering about eight square miles. The hogs hang